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Custom Blend

Do you have trouble finding a makeup that you love?


Do you have a drawer filled with half empty foundation bottles?

Have you found the perfect color match only to realize the formula does not work with your skin type?

Are you tired of playing the foundation guessing game in drug stores or having inexperienced sales people pushing the wrong products in department stores?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, a Custom Blended Foundation may be for you.

What is Custom Blend & how do I get one?

A Custom Blended Foundation is like skin therapy in a bottle! It's the only makeup that is uniquely created for you, catering to all of your skincare needs. Whether you prefer liquid, cream or powder, full coverage or a BB cream, it can be whipped up for you within minutes.

Click here to take the Custom Blend Survey or click here to get your questions answered & scheduled an appointment.

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